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Hybrid interpreting for the Association of Polish Architects (SARP)

Extent of cooperation
The Association of Polish Architects invited the world-renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta to a meeting on the occasion of the première of a documentary film dedicated to his work, The Space Beyond. Loretta Dalpozzo, the author of the film, also attended the meeting.

My role was to accompany the invited guests and the audience as a consecutive interpreter of the Italian language. I provided interpretation services to all the participants of the discussion, and I also interpreted the opening speech by the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation.

Experience gained
This hybrid meeting took place in the organiser’s premises in front of an audience and was also streamed online. Therefore, I had to interpret both live discussions and the debate held remotely via Zoom.

The specialist hermetic language of the discussions on the topic of architecture was a particular challenge.

Benefits for the client
Despite the event’s complex logistical formula and the industry-specific jargon, my interpretation services contributed to the smooth course of the meeting. The fluency of the interpretation added to the comfort of both Polish and Italian guests.

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