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Interpreting during dental training workshops

Extent of cooperation
The companies AB Berren and Polkard asked me to provide consecutive interpretation during training courses and workshops addressed to dentists and dental technicians. The presenters were specialists from Italy and Germany.

Experience gained
I am aware that medical interpretation assumes the highest level of responsibility and requires absolute precision. That is why I needed to prepare in the best possible way so that I could use the industry-specific vocabulary fluently and confidently. As workshop interpretation requires the interpreter to support the trainer in knowledge sharing, I also needed to employ my didactic skills.

Benefits for the client
Thanks to the professional interpretation of complex sector-related content, the organiser was assured that the participants would be satisfied with the quality and decide to participate in subsequent editions of the workshops (which is crucial for commercial training projects).

They were also able to freely ask questions and exchange opinions, which added to the positive atmosphere throughout the event.

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