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Interpreting for the Central Institute for Labour Protection

Extent of cooperation
I had the pleasure of providing interpretation at three editions of the International Noise Control Conference. This included consecutive on-stage interpretation during the opening of each edition, as well as simultaneous interpretation of several dozen scientific papers from Polish into English and vice versa.

My duties also included preparing and coordinating the work of interpreter teams who covered parallel sessions:

  • customer contact at each stage, 
  • communication of logistical information between the client and the interpreters, 
  • creating and updating glossaries and supplying them to interpreters.

I also coordinated the work of the specialist company that installed booths, sound systems, and portable receivers and was tasked with providing technical support for the event.

Experience gained
My involvement in the conference obliged me to make use of some non-standard competencies of an interpreter. Apart from conducting skilful simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, I had to demonstrate excellent organisation skills in dealing with the entire interpreting team and my knowledge of the technical resources vital to conference interpreting.

Benefits for the client
A scientific conference lasting several days and involving speakers from many countries is an enormous logistical effort. My support saved the organisers a lot of stress and time, as I took care of all the work involved in preparing the interpreting process.

Moreover, the organisers earned the gratitude and respect of the participants, who were able to take full advantage of the conference thanks to the professional interpretation of the scientific content on acoustics.

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