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Interpreting for the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs

Extent of cooperation
I cooperated with the Ministry of Digital Affairs on a regular basis. I provided both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting during meetings with ministers of various governments, EU Commissioners, ambassadors accredited in Poland, CEOs of ICT companies, etc. I accompanied officials representing the Ministry of Digital Affairs both at the Ministry’s headquarters and during meetings outside the office.

Experience gained
The assignments for the Ministry of Digital Affairs required high linguistic precision and the observance of superior communication culture standards. The need to be fluent in specialist vocabulary related to technology is critical.
There were also politically sensitive topics and meetings dedicated to contract finalisation and negotiation conclusion. As a consequence, my work for the Ministry of Digital Affairs enabled me to learn the nuances of diplomatic protocol during official meetings and table discussions, as well as during meals and backstage talks.

Benefits for the client
Thanks to my support, the international meetings of officials from the Ministry of Digital Affairs took place without unnecessary interruptions or problems resulting from the language barrier. 
My efficient interpreting services allowed the event organisers to focus on logistical preparations and the invited guests.
As I interpret into 3 foreign languages (English, German and Italian), the client had no need to employ 3 separate interpreters.

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